What is the best and easiest way to wear a hijab?

Hijab is not just a piece of clothing. Rather it is a term used for modesty in general use. There are innumerable ways you can wear hijab. You can choose from the unlimited options available at myhijabscarf.com Hijabs add to the overall persona of a woman in a very earnest way.  1) Go classic yet easy This is really the most simplest way you can wear a hijab. Take a hijab and wrap it around your head. Ensure that you keep your mouth wide open while tying the hijab. This will keep the hijab loose and will make you feel comfortable. Throw the left end of hijab on your right shoulder and then drape it back on to the left shoulder. Spread both the ends to cover your chest. 

2) Simply Fashionable Side Bow Style Let us give a twist to the normal hijab style. This side bow hijab style will look amazing on any casual outfit. Take a hijab and wrap it around your head with just a quarter of the material so that the remaining part can be left for draping and making the bow. Hook both the ends of the hijab under your chin. Next take the longer end of the hijab and flip it onto the other shoulder wrapping it around the neck twice.Now tie the draped end and the other smaller end like a bow. And it’s done.   3) Fashionably Formal Front Knot Hijab Style This simple style looks fashionably formal. This is an ideal wear for casual as well as formal meets. Take a hijab and wrap it around your head leaving both ends in equal proportions. Now grab both the ends and throw it on the opposite shoulder and wrap it around your neck. Tie the hanging ends to form a knot in the front of the neck. And you’ve nailed it!    4) Hijab like a Scarf It is indeed the simplest way to wear a hijab.  And it makes for an ideal wear for a night out. Drape a hijab around your head so that both ends hang around in equal proportions. Flip one side of hijab on to the opposite side shoulder and throw it back on to the same side. Adjust as per your convenience. 

5) Arab Style Hijab  This is indeed the cutest way to wear a hijab. This looks good for formal as well as casual outings. Wrap the hijab around your head leaving the quarter of the hijab hanging. Next drag the shorter end from behind the longer end and throw it back. Take the longer end and drape it around your face, up to your head and sideways. Hook the hijab on to the head and it’s ready! 

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